Midsize Pickups Heat Up: Our Guess? Ford Reintroduces the Ranger in 2016


BestRide | Aug 26, 2015

UPDATE (Aug. 26, 2015): Today, the Detroit News has a story citing unnamed sources that suggest Ford wants to build a Ranger at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, MI in 2018. Lyndon Johnson gets the hat tip on this story. This story originally ran on December 4, 2014.

In recent years, the compact pickup market has all but disappeared. But suddenly, now that Chevrolet has been winning awards with the “compact” Colorado, there’s a reignited interest in compact pickup trucks. After an eight year run with the current Tacoma, Toyota will unveil a new one at the North American International Auto Show in January. The success of either of those products could easily eat into F-150 sales. We’d be shocked to NOT see Ford reintroduce a Ranger in the next two years.

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