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BestRide | May 30, 2016

Maven clientMaven, the General Motors car sharing program, has now expanded to five major markets in the U.S. In less than four-months, Maven members have logged more than 1-million miles and Maven services are now available in New York City, Ann Arbor, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Maven is a car sharing program (not a ride sharing program). That means that members drive themselves using a vehicle that is shared with other members. Ride sharing service members are usually driven between destinations.

Maven City members will have access to Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles that are typically picked-up from parking lots located at strategic points around the respective cities. Members use their smartphones to reserve a vehicle by location or car type. Next, they forward their preferences for climate control functions, music selections, seat position, and more. The smartphone is then used to unlock and crank the vehicle remotely.

Maven appsClients are treated to the full car ownership experience, with the convenience of car sharing, and access to their Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, OnStar, SiriusXM radio, and a full range of 4GLTE wireless apps. In Chicago, pricing starts at about $8 an hour (including insurance and fuel) and there are currently 30 vehicles available at more than 15 sites throughout the city. Fuel cards are placed in each vehicle and customers are asked to partially refill the fuel tank to prevent inadvertent stranded motorist conditions.

Maven Residential customers are treated to services similar to those offered to Maven City clients, with a few additional perks. Chicago apartment building residents will also have on-demand access to vehicles and preferred parking options. Vehicles are hand-delivered to clients at their convenience.

In Germany, peer-to-peer car sharing will be made available through the CarUnity market place. Since many residents of urban areas indicate that their vehicles are idle about 95-percent of the time, peer-to-peer car sharing is a good method for getting optimal use of their vehicles. Approximately 10,000 clients have already signed up for this service in Frankfurt and Berlin since 2015.

“Whether it’s driving to land the perfect job, meeting friends for a fun weekend or exploring the city, Maven enables our members to access transportation how they want it, when they want it,” said Julia Steyn, GM vice president of urban mobility and Maven. “As we continue to expand into key cities, more customers will see how Maven can provide next-gen freedom by seamlessly connecting them with people and places that matter.”

Photos courtesy of General Motors and Maven.

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