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| Oct 24, 2014

  • Ex-PR chief Vines accuses Ford of bugging cars, phones. Are they trying to catch up with all the bugs GM has in their cars? Autoblog

  • Honda execs take "quality-related" pay cut after Fit Hybrid's fifth recall. We're glad NPR hasn't instituted that! Autoblog

  • Wrangler will remain body-on-frame, sources say. So looks like the Wrangler will retain "Hottest Body" in Toledo title. Automotive News

  • Audi recalls 850,000 A4 models globally for airbags that won't deploy. Unsure if you have one? If you’ve been in an accident, go to the nearest mirror and look for text “Audi” on your forehead.  Autoblog

  • Lotus Exige Gets Automatic-Transmission Option for People Who Love Sports Cars But Not Driving Them. Related:  Carnival Launches Land-Based Cruise Ship. Car and Driver

  • New York cabbies vow to fight Nissan's "Taxi of Tomorrow"… Say they prefer "Crown Vic of Yesterday." Automotive News

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