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| Oct 29, 2014

  • Betts leaves Chrysler after another poor quality showing. Anyone who had money riding on Dodge/Ram/Jeep/Fiat quality just lost their Betts. Automotive News

  • Ford recalls 204,448 Ford and Lincoln crossovers for fire hazard. Opt-out and receive Stay-Puft marshmallows, sharp stick. Automotive News

  • Tesla announces a new leasing package for its electric cars. Used voltage not included in 90-day return policy. New York Times

  • Official: Ferrari to be spun off from Fiat Chrysler.  Does this mean no F12 Berlinetta-powered Town and Country? Automotive News

  • Yesterday’s On This Day in History. October 28, 1948 Jaguar unveils the XK12, launching future careers of thousands tow truck drivers. Yahoo

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