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| Jan 21, 2015

  • Two million Progressive Snapshot customers may be at risk for car hacking. Good news! You qualify for safe driver discounts. Bad news! Kim Jong-un crashed your car. Autoblog
  • American driving level set to hit seven-year high. Unfortunately, American driving skill level set to hit a 20-year low. Autoblog
  • Daimler cutting Mercedes and Smart prices by 18% in Switzerland. BMW and Audi say they'll attract Swiss buyers by remaining neutral. Autoblog
  • GM’s Treasury bailout records shouldn’t be secret, U.S. judge told. Unless they include internal memos about dangerous engineering failures. Automotive News
  • Tom Kowaleski, PR mastermind for Chrysler, dies at 63. Automotive News.

Tom Kowaleski was an intense character of slight, wiry stature, but towering intelligence and experience. It always amuses me to remember that he started at American Motors; Tom proved that there was life after AMC with a series of high-powered industry posts that gave him -- a serious car lover, unlike a surprisingly large number of automotive PRs --  an enviable ringside seat to automotive history. His was a life well lived.

Separately I saw him last week at the Detroit show from 25 feet, and waved. I'd wished I'd stopped to talk, even at the time, but was running late for an interview. Such is the endless uncertainty of life.

--Car Talk blogger Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Tom Kowalesk publicity stunt for Jeep, in 1992.

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