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| Dec 19, 2014

  • Jaguar recalls 1,500 XJ sedans over brake issues. Dozens require surgery, removing Grey Poupon-stained ascots from stiff upper lips. Autoblog
  • Swedish car mag says Ford Mondeo is dangerously, illegally overweight. It’s the high fat Mobil oils. Autoblog
  • Mercedes recalls 8,279 Sprinter vans in U.S. for possible oil leak. Daimler marketing team claims that oil on road is part of new “James Bond” package. Automotive News
  • Recalls of Cars Abroad Prompt No Urgency in U.S. Recalls are for wimps and socialists. New York Times
  • Tesla China's president steps down after fewer than nine months on the job. That's the problem with EV execs: they're low range and conk out just when you need them. Autoblog
  • The New York Times is shutting down its Automobiles Section after "two decades of imagination and dedication."  We were going to hold a viking funeral, but we can't afford to replace our computers after we set them on fire and toss them into the Charles. So, instead, we're making do with a moment of silence. New York Times Automobiles Section, we raise our cappuccinos to you!  Capital


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