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| Dec 05, 2014

  • Experts predicting sub-$2-per-gallon gas for parts of U.S. soon. In related news, legwarmers are back, and CBS is working on a reboot of Designing Women. Autoblog

  • Ford recalling 2015 Mustang for fuel line leak, 20K Transit Connects for plastic panel. Industry insider: Ford execs envious of GM recall attention. Autoblog

  • Takata fixing lapses at Mexico airbag plant. Unsafe, maybe, but their Piñata Airbag was a fun idea. Automotive News

  • New Jersey Bans Sale Of 19 Bogus Motor Oils. Shoulda known there was no such thing as Extra Virgin Castrol GTX. Jalopnik

  • Burt Reynolds' personal 1977 Trans Am from Smokey And The Bandit for sale. Looks like not even the bandit can outrun the IRS.... For an extra 25 grand he'll throw in his mustache too. Autoblog

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