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| Nov 12, 2014

  • Most expensive Range Rover ever comes with leather-lined gun box. Helpful so you can shoot yourself when you get the bill for your first tune up.  Autoblog

  • Recharge Wrap-up: Honda Legend Sport Hybrid launching in Japan; driving cross-country on chicken fat. KFC offers new “Drive from Boise to Boca on a bucket”  limited time offer. Autoblog

  • GM drops shift at Michigan Cadillac plant to match car supply, demand. That’s new: In the past, dropping Cadillac shifts were handled by Cadillac transmissions. Automotive News

  • Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize. ATTN: Donut shop owners. New York Times 

  • Small solar bike path now open in Holland. “I hate the Dutch” — Nigel Powers, Goldmember. Autoblog

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