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| Oct 08, 2014

  • Drive-through funeral home open in Michigan. Bad Date Ideas: Lunch at the drive-through at Jack in the Box, then go to the other drive-through to see Jack in the box. FoxLA

  • GM recalls Caprice police cars. Execs just wanted to make sure the back seats are roomy and comfortable, in case the current recall investigation doesn’t go their way. Automotive News

  • GM Tech Center named National Historic Landmark Building immediately condemned, recalled, due to faulty wiring.  Autoblog

  • Sergio Marchionne will leave Fiat in 2018. We hear he’s moving on to easier project--merging Middle East states. Autoblog

  • Toledo fights to keep Jeep Wrangler... We have customers fighting to get rid of their Wranglers.  Autoblog

  • Good news: Fuel economy average climbs to record high: 24.1 mpg says EPA. We're conserving energy by not writing a joke for this item. Automotive News

  • Johnson Controls fires consultant after affair with CEO.  "Johnson Controls" indeed.  Automotive News

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