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| Nov 21, 2014

  • De Nysschen says Cadillac will be ready for a $250,000 model in 15 years. Just based on inflation? Autoblog

  • VW says it will invest $106 billion chasing Toyota for global sales lead. As long as it doesn’t chase them into Poland… World: “We’re much more comfortable with Germany and Japan as competitors than allies."  Automotive News

  • Takata’s Switch to Cheaper Airbag Propellant Is at Center of Crisis. And we thought the can of WD40 and the match was a brilliant idea. New York Times

  • Obama Names Fatigue Specialist to Lead Traffic Safety Agency. Agency head spotted pinching himself to stay awake through announcement. New York Times

  • Toyota says says emissions from fuel-cell powered cars will be heat and potable water... Attention Detroiters. Automotive News 

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