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| Dec 15, 2014

  • Iowa is working on a digital driver’s license you can carry on your phone. Also, you can take your own Selfie Mug Shot! Autoblog
  • Swedish auto-show models' union organizes protest: Volvo plans to skip most of the glitzy auto show circuit and start selling vehicles online. Automotive News
  • Feds crack down on auto dealerships for misleading advertising. In other news, bear defecates in woods. Automotive News
  • Milan is paying residents to leave their cars at home. Hey, that Fiat you’ve been “restoring” for 28 years is now a source of income! Autoblog
  • In a marketing ploy, Subaru is driving Japanese skiers up ski slopes -- because who wouldn’t want a car that handles like a chairlift? Torque News

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