Auto News for Wednesday, March 4

| Mar 04, 2015

  • Rail car shortage prevents Toyota, Ford from keeping up with demand for SUVs and trucks. Existing rail cars too busy hauling crude oil bound for the gas tanks of SUVs and Trucks. Automotive News
  • Honda Supports Proposed Legislation to Require Car Owners to Complete All Recall Repairs. Internet "anti-fixers" howl, "You can repair my car when you pry my cold dead body out of the wreckage." Car and Driver
  • Harsh winter slowed February auto sales. “Shovel for Savings” specials apparently not so effective after all. New York Times 
  • Wells Fargo puts ceiling on subprime auto loans. Bad news: It’s 106%. New York Times
Being snowed by a salesman is even less appealing during a blizzard. (Image: Amanda/Flickr)

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