Auto News for Wednesday, January 28

| Jan 28, 2015

  • Investment Riches Built on Subprime Auto Loans to Poor. The American way! New York Times
  • Toyota promoting Mirai as if hydrogen tax credit never went away. Upside: Toyota to provide zero-emission rides to your IRS sentencing hearing. Autoblog
  • Auto industry drives comeback in aluminum prices. GM to stop recalling cars, just crushing them on their foreheads instead. Automotive News
  • Ford recalls 221,000 vehicles for door handle, seat belt problems. If the door handle issue keeps you from getting IN the car in the first place, does it matter if the seat belts work? Automotive News
  • Saved from a Watery Grave: Land Rovers and Jaguars Survive Near-Capsized Cargo Ship. No word on whether they plan to ask "list" price. Car and Driver
  • Photography drones will help clear accidents much faster. No word on how many accidents they will cause. Autoblog

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