Auto News for Wednesday, February 4

| Feb 04, 2015

  • Canadian city wants to install ice skating lanes. Roadragers lobby for loose "checking" rules. Autoblog
  • Noise  rules for EVs to help blind pedestrians pushed back to 2018. By which point, those in need of the law will be in body casts. Autoblog
  • Toyota ordered to pay $11 million in trial over fatal crash. Pretty harsh.  They could've bought 80 seconds of Super Bowl commercial time with that much money. Automotive News
  • Uber to Open Center for Research on Self-Driving Cars. Still working on how to get them to assault passengers. New York Times
  • Toyota's quarterly operating profit rises 27% on U.S. sales gains. Car Talk trading tip: Pay in yen, save 27%. Automotive News
  • Tom Brady gives pickup truck to Malcolm Butler.  Actually, the intended receiver was Gronkowski, but... Autoblog
Ice skating lanes? We bet Sonja Henie would approve!

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