Auto News for Wednesday, February 11

| Feb 11, 2015

  • Patent 'trolls' target automakers, and Ford pushes back. Let them have the patent on the Fiesta, see how they like that. Automotive News
  • Takata to double output of replacement inflators to 900,000 a month. At that rate it will only take 47 years to replace all the bogus airbags they sold to car manufacturers.  Automotive News
  • Cadillac can't keep up with Escalade demand, can't move its sedans. Plan to clear lots by hiding sedans in the cargo area of the Escalades. Autoblog
  • The Corvette Museum sinkhole has been filled, museum holds contest to guess how many tons of stone it took to fill it. We're guessing six hundred tons of stone, 14,000 pounds of gold chains, a metric ton of white loafers and 424 55 gallon drums of Hai Karate.  Autoblog
  • Nearly a quarter of drivers test positive for drugs in NHTSA study. And if that weren’t bad enough, five percent also on phone with dealer, arguing about quality of smack. Autoblog

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