Auto News for Monday, March 9

| Mar 09, 2015

  • VW to announce $1B investment in Mexico plant. Fun fact: in Spanish, the word "Toureg" sounds just as dumb. Autoblog
  • Nissan expands Altima hood latch recall to 625k cars. Hood failure was entirely in keeping with their motto, “Innovation that excites.” Autoblog
  • Insurance companies fretting about losing money on driverless cars. On the plus side, they’re still years away from teaching driverless cars how to file their own claims. Autoblog
  • Fiat Chrysler re-recalls 703,000 minivans and SUVs over faulty ignition switch. Chrysler notes they've lowered emissions 10,000% simply by removing all their vehicles from the road. Automotive News
  • Fiat Chrysler enjoys a labor-cost advantage over Ford after breaking a tradition of pattern deals with the UAW during its 2009 bankruptcy. Can UAW fix Tier 2 disparity? Chrysler broke a tradition of pattern deals, so maybe the UAW broke the legs of Chrysler management? Automotive News


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