Auto News for Monday, February 23

| Feb 23, 2015

  • US to Fine Air Bag Maker Takata $14,000 Per Day. Plus force them to drive around in un-repaired Hondas.  New York Times
  • Sony Pictures acquires a comedy about autonomous cars. Working title: "No Day Off For You, Ferris Bueller, I'm Takin' Your A*% to School"  Autoblog
  • Yutaka Katayama, Father of the Z Car, Passes Away at Age 105. 105? Sheesh, that guy made it to Z in more ways than one! It's really fitting that a guy full of that much spirit and goodness would live to be 105. Motortrend
  • Saab tries [again] to emerge from bankruptcy. Studebaker and Hudson keenly eyeing Saab's success for a possible comeback. Autoblog
"Sorry kid, we're going to school." (Google photo)


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