Auto News for Friday, February 6

| Feb 06, 2015

  • Classic cars discovered on farm in France last year have gone to auction. The only thing we've ever discovered in our garage is a "Frankie Says Relax" T-shirt from 1983 and a lot of empty cans of motor oil. Yahoo
  • Chevy Bolt to go into production in Michigan in 2016. Due to range and charging requirements, however, delivery to dealers may take additional 18 months. Autoblog
  • GM recalls said to trim executive bonuses while sparing UAW. GM Executives will only be able to buy two twin-engine, jet-powered watercraft with their bonuses this year. Automotive News
  • Mexican auto exports projected to hit record in 2015. And that doesn’t include the hashish tucked up under the dash, either. Automotive News
  • Aston Martin rules out going downmarket. Rats! We were looking forward to hearing James Bond introduce himself as “Bond, Jim-Bob Bond”. Autoblog

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