Auto News for Friday, February 20

| Feb 20, 2015

  • GM names new counsel after wave of recalls. Better Call Saul! New York Times
  • Mercedes 550 hp, six-wheel-drive G63 AMG is sold out. It's a hit with outdoorsmen who like hanging out in tire shops. Autoblog
  • Honda slows US production due to ports dispute. Apparently, management and longshoremen can't reach an Accord. (And until they do, you won’t be able to either.) Autoblog 
  • Congestion charge could help fix our crumbling infrastructure. Charged for being stuck in traffic? Should do wonders for road rage. Wired
  • Subaru ranks first in dealer attitude survey. Mitsubishi dealers ranked crankiest when woken up. Automotive News
  • Rolls-Royce debuts super limited Ghost Eyesore edition. Correction: “Mysore” edition. Autoblog

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