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| Nov 19, 2014

  • GM getting positive reviews on Wall Street despite record recalls. We'd like to point out that everyone on Wall Street takes the subway to work.  Automotive News

  • U.S. Regulators Call for Takata Airbag Recall to Be Extended Nationwide. "OK, OK, we'll save the Minnesotans too..." New York TImes

  • Hydrogen Cars Join Electric Models in Showrooms. Hopefully, not parked too close to one another. New York Times

  • Official: 2016 Toyota Mirai starts at $57,500, lease for $499/month with free hydrogen fuel. Or, you could buy a Corolla and have $37,500 left over for gas. Autoblog

  • More about Toyota's big gamble on the fuel-cell Mirai. (Meanwhile Dodge is hard at work on 700-horsepower "HindenCat"). Car Talk

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