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| Jan 23, 2015

  • Connecticut may let Telsa sell EVs directly to customers. In your face Jersey! Autoblog
  • BMW and VW team up to make EV charger networks anyone can use (except Tesla). In a related story, Tesla is going to get ice cream and not share it with BMW or VW. Nyah nyah. Wired
  • Toyota remains worlds biggest automaker. Vanilla remains world's most popular ice cream. Coincidence? We doubt it! Motortrend 
  • New technology from BMW is turning self-parking cars into a reality: “BMW, go park yourself!” We’re betting they get that a lot… New York Times
  • Two-wheel drive Jeep Renegade priced at $17,995.  That'll leave plenty left over for a bag of sand and a shovel. Autoblog
(Thomas Hawk/Flickr Image)

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