Auto News

| Dec 17, 2014

  • Go Go Gadget Tires: These concept tires transform to tackle any terrain from pavement to snow, dirt and water…. Let us know when they come up with something that can handle Our Fair City during pot hole season. Car and Driver
  • Army auctioning decommissioned humvees to public, prices start at $10K. Army will call off drone target practice for additional $5,000. Car and Driver
  • France says it will ban Uber in the new year. A three-day general strike has been called over the issue, although nobody's exactly sure why. New York Times
  • App that can instantly identify any car (at least half the time) in development. Code name: 5-Year-Old Boy.  Wired
  • Car buttons tested by having a robot press them 50,000 times. Breaking: First robot diagnosed with ennui. Wired

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