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| Dec 04, 2014

Car Talk’s Auto News blog shares the latest news that you might actually care about.

What we won’t cover: The revised torque ratings for the new Lamborghini.

What we will cover: When NHTSA says your car’s airbags might randomly explode.

Plenty of auto writers make a cozy living in the nauga-lined pocket of manufacturers. (Can you blame them for the complimentary week-long junkets to Vegas? Good for them!) But, until someone starts covering our cappuccino tab… well, we might as well just call it like we see it.

Car Talk’s Auto News blog is curated by Car Talk’s staff of lethargic editors and writers. Curators, producers, and wise-ass contributors include Trish Anderton, Doug Berman, Connie Brichford, Ian Chillag, David Greene, Jim Hanna, Doug Mayer, and Jim Motavalli.

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