Auto News

| Nov 24, 2014

  • Ferrari replaces F1 boss with Marlborough exec. Health warning labels to be printed on bumpers. Auto Blog

  • Report: Land Rover to lodge complaint with China over LandWind's Evoque copycat. It’s an amazing copy--the fake will never, ever actually go off-road either! Auto Blog

  • G.M. ‘bullied’ manufacturer over poorly designed part, email says. Great, now we're having flashbacks to junior high, when we were bullied for having poorly designed parts. New York Times

  • Toyota says fuel cell water is "safer to drink than milk" but so far, "no one at Toyota has tried it." What's Japanese for "I double-dog dare ya"?  Automotive News 

  • 20 Japanese auto supplier execs on the lam from US authorities? If they’re driving Camrys, it might be a long wait until they come in from the cold. Auto Blog

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