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1833 E 3rd St, Tempe, AZ 85281, us

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They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Feb 20, 2009
Joel owns the place and is always willing to accomadate a last minute repair or at least look at it. He advises preventative maintenance with out bring a lot of pressure to the situation. His repairs are always quality. I have never had a return in several years through 6 different cars that we take in.
Jun 10, 2004
I have known Joel @ the above shop for over 25 years. I used the dealership where he worked in Manhattan NY. up until he relocated to Az in 1998. By coincidence My wife & I relocated to Az and was told by the Manhattan dealer that Joel had opened his own shop in Tempe Az. I was given his phone number. I still use his shop and have recommended many people who have only good things to say about him and his employees. It's funny how things sometimes work out especially when you are in a new state and at the Mercy of the mechanic. Good luck.
Sep 27, 2004
Joel's is a small shop--about 3-4 bays--about 1/3 of a mile from city bus lines. Friendly, he remembers your name from six months ago when you call. He's done routine oil changes, engine mounts, and tune-ups for me, always honest, straightforward, top-notch work. And we like that New York accent. It's always worth the 2-3 block walk when I drop off the car and catch the bus on my way to work.
Feb 20, 2009
I used Arizona Imports for decades, and was a little nervous when it changed owners. However, I shouldn't have been! Joel is great! He has always been really accomodating of my strange schedule, with either regular maintenance or special problems. He has often told me when something didn't need to be fixed immediately, but it would be coming up, or it wasn't a problem at all. He referred me back to the dealer for stuff that was under warranty, or stuff he thought they would be better able to handle. If you don't mind a short walk to the bus stop, he's great for people at ASU! Just get out that free ASU bus pass and get to campus! He has taken care of my cars, my daughter's car, and several ASU employees' cars for years!
Feb 20, 2009
We have had work done here for the past 9 years and have always been pleased. The current owner, Joel, is a gem of businessman who gives a straight answer about what is, or is not, needed, including advice about when it is time to "retire" a car. I trust them completely with all necessary repairs and maintenance for my cars.
Feb 20, 2009
Over the past 35+ years, Joel (and Bob before him) have kept my entire "fleet" alive: four air-cooled VWs, two Nissans (the bane of my existence), two Mitsubishis, a Cadillac, two Chryslers, a Dodge, a Toyota, two Hondas and probably half a dozen other cars and trucks I have forgotten. Their rates are not bargain basement, and that's because they do superior work. They exemplify the axiom, "You get what you pay for." An anecdote of honesty: I run a business that requires a well-running delivery vehicle. I have a van that is perfectly configured for my needs, but it is a van with 215,000 miles on it . . . a van that needed about $5,000 worth of work. During the summer (my slow season), I shopped around for a replacement van. By the time I would have done all the reconfiguring, even a decent used van would have cost $10,000 or more. So I decided to have AZ Import fix up my old stalwart. Of course, Joel did great work, but only after he and I had a long heart-to-heart. He really wanted to make sure that I understood what was in store, how much it would cost, and that I had done my homework. Only then did he take on the mammoth job of installing a new rear end, rebuilding the front end, and about a zillion other things.
Feb 20, 2009
Joel had the best price and included the most replacement parts when I took my Nissan in to get a new timing belt. He used genuine Nissan parts and put a mileage/confirmation sticker under my hood to confirm the timing belt change. He listened to the strange noises coming from my vehicle and actually correctly diagnosed it and fixed it easily, without charging me extra! A ton of people I know go to Joel and they are all happy with his work. I am confident he will fix my car correctly and not charge me exorbitant prices.
Feb 20, 2009
I married into a family who have patronized AZ Imports for more than two dozen years. What a terrific wedding present! I met Bob before he sold the place to Joel, and he was terrific, but Joel is my kight in shining armor. My 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup was my first "real" car, and Joel has given me nothing but good advice on how to keep her happy. He's been a big part of my being able to "keep 'er going" for this long, and she's still running strong. I heartily recommend Joel and his excellent crew's TLC for your bucket of bolts' well-being, too!
Feb 20, 2009
Joel is a great mechanic and a good person to the heart. I am a college student and I told him that I had very little money to spend and he worked with me to get my car repaired for as little as possible. He was also very patient as I left my car there for quite some time since it was unsafe to drive and I did not have the money to tow it. Overall a great shop to go to. Very honest, hardworking people.
Sep 25, 2011
I've been taking my cars to Joel since about 2003, with great results, until recently. I always had great experiences and trusted him whole-heartedly. I think since the shop absorbed an additional business (Bill's Bimmers), they have been overwhelmed and lack quality employees. I usually take my car in first thing in the morning and normally I don't mind it being there for a couple of days, but the past few times has been several days. Also, I had a bad clunk and jarring when I would come to a stop (I had just bought the car), I brought it in right away, wondering if it was my tranny. They said all was fine, it was a quirk of my year, make and model. Well a year later, I brought it in for routine maintenance, and Joel told me I have to flush and fill the transmission right away; it has never been done and needs it ASAP or I'm going to ruin my tranny. Of course, I had him do it, and lo and behold, there's no more clunk and no more jarring when I come to a stop!! And here I'd been driving it that way for a year! Also had him work on my power steering belt which was jumping off; he adjusted the tension as tight as it would go and said all was ok -- couple of weeks later, I had no power steering. Took my car elsewhere and the belt was all shredded and had to be replaced (it was a new belt and only a couple of months old). Lastly, brought the car in after I had had it for 5 months, summer had just started and the a/c didn't seem cold enough. They gave it back to me, said everything was fine, couldn't find a problem. Well this summer it REALLy wasn't blowing cold enough. Asked them to check it out again, and now my freon is extra low and needs to be evacuated and filled. I would rather have had that done when I first brought it in, instead of sweating for 2 summers. I never took it in for a second opinion because I never had to second-guess Joel before. It has only been these three instances in the last year or so. All in all, I think Joel tries to be honest and does good work when he himself does the work. I see a lot of German cars in there these days and feel he puts his emphasis there more than Japanese imports. It seems like his good reputation has earned him more business than he can handle and he needs better quality mechanics working for him.

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