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Toyota 4Runner with a kayak on a roof

Finding the Best Fit Means Getting In, Out and Behind the Wheel

I have always driven a sedan but want to switch to a midsize SUV. I am an elderly lady (79) and have never driven an SUV but want something practical ...

Close up image of speed bump

Miata Owner Not a Fan of Metal Music

I have a 2010 Mazda Miata. It now has almost 40,000 miles on it. Ever since I bought it (with 18,000 miles on it), I have had a problem when I go over ...

Prius Catalytic Converter

Prius Catalytic Converters the Target of an Unfortunate Trend

The other morning, I went out to start my Toyota Prius and go to work. The car started up fine (just the electronics come on), but as soon as the gaso ...

Used spark plug

Skip Spark Plug Replacements at Your Own Risk

How important is it to change spark plugs? I have a 2012 Toyota RAV4 V6 with 100,000 miles on it. I was thinking of having the plugs changed until the ...

car brakes

What Pushes Brake Pads Away?

What moves the brake pads away from the brake rotor when you remove your foot from the brake pedal

white woman in white shirt in passenger seat of car is putting on her seat belt

Modern Seatbelts Lock and Load for Safety and Ease

Why is it that my driver’s seatbelt always locks up when I pull it out, and then I have to let it go back in again and try again?

car getting gas

Driving in the Time of COVID: Can Gas Go Bad?

These days I’m only putting about 3,000 miles per year on each car. I drive each car at least once a week. If I fill up both cars, I can probably go t ...

woman with hand on ignition starting manual transmission car

Subaru Forester Issues May Start with the Clutch

It sounds electrical to me, Connie. Based on your description, I assume that, when it doesn’t start, there’s no current getting to your starter. The f ...

Chrome hood ornament on vintage Pontiac car

A Pontiac by Any Other Name ... May Be the Same Car

Car names are a mess, Jeanette. Manufacturers slap them on and remove them at will. So it almost takes a Kremlinologist to figure out what was what. B ...

Mechanic working under a car

Hot Weather, Long Drives Can Lead to a Temperamental Honda

What happens is that in hot weather, an older fuel pump relay can overheat. The conditions under which it typically overheats are after a long drive, ...

Hand on steering wheel honking horn

Buick’s Silent Horn May Not Be a Big Honking Problem

I drive a supercharged 1994 Buick Park Avenue Ultra with 123,000 miles. The horn quit working, and I took it to a Buick dealer who ran a diagnostic te ...

Old used car sign in red, with lights and neon

What’s the Sweet Spot When Buying a “New” Used Car?

When should a person move on from a car? And what is the sweet spot between price and age of a car when buying a “new” used one?

cars dusty and rusty characters

The Story behind Our Pixar “Cars” Characters

Is there a story behind the cars Tom and Ray were depicted as in the “Cars” movies?

Man clears snow off car windshield

Saab Heat Problem Takes a Turn for the Worse

You might have a bad check valve or a cracked or leaky vacuum reservoir. Or you might have a small vacuum leak somewhere else in the engine that’s dra ...

Van on beach

Did I Set the Van a Rockin’?

It’s so possible that a “rockin’ van” is a cliche. When we test shocks on a customer’s car, the way we do it is by simply pushing down on each corner ...

car blinker

Savings Pennies Isn’t Worth Risking the Safety of You and Others

My wife thinks I should use the turn signals on my 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum every time I come to an intersection, even if there is no one else at t ...

Car driving on snow

RAV4 Owner Needs a Break from Annoying Squeaking

My 2013 Toyota RAV4 has a very loud and annoying rotational squeak coming from the front passenger wheel. The noise stops when I apply the brakes.

oil being poured into engine

Stick with Dealer for Oil Changes on European Cars?

If your owner’s manual says to use 5W30 oil with a particular European specification, the ideal thing to do is follow that requirement. Especially whi ...

Mechanic working on engine with large air cleaner in foreground

Carburetor Concerns Are a Thing of the Past

The idea of “blowing out the carburetor” is an old-husband’s tale that’s been handed down from father to son over the years. It used to have some vali ...

Back seat of car

Rear-Seat Safety Improving but Still Lagging Behind

I have never seen any data on a car’s safety in a rear-end collision. Are there standards? Are modern cars like this safe?

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