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What Is the Average Car Loan Length?

Car Talk takes an in-depth look at the average auto loan lengths available for the consumer in the industry today. Read on for more information about ...

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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting an Auto Loan

Car Talk takes a look at the smartest way to shop for an auto loan and the most common mistakes consumers make when financing their new vehicle.

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Rookie Mistakes Consumers Make While Shopping for Used or Pre-Owned Cars

Car Talk takes a look at the common mistakes shoppers make when searching for a used or pre-owned car.

Julie Bausch

Julie Bausch
Julie Bausch is the Managing Editor of Car Talk. She is a writer, editor and content creator with a background in film/television editing, website management, American Sign Language and the Arts. Julie's published works can be seen in Forbes and The Muse. ... read more She is the author of the half-hour comedy series, Shapetown, and is currently working on her first novel. Julie comes to Car Talk after years of writing, editing, copywriting and project and website management. As a long listener and fan of NPR and all things automotive, she is beyond thrilled to be working with Car Talk.
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