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The Story Behind our Cars Characters

Is there a story behind the cars Tom and Ray were depicted as in the “Cars” movies?

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Savings Pennies Isn’t Worth Risking Safety

My wife thinks I should use the turn signals on my 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum every time I come to an intersection, even if there is no one else at t ...

Man clears snow off car windshield

Saab Heat Problem

You might have a bad check valve or a cracked or leaky vacuum reservoir. Or you might have a small vacuum leak somewhere else in the engine that’s dra ...

Car driving on snow

RAV4 with Annoying Squeaking

My 2013 Toyota RAV4 has a very loud and annoying rotational squeak coming from the front passenger wheel. The noise stops when I apply the brakes.

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Time for a New Luxury Ride

I own a 1998 Cadillac Eldorado with a V8, 32-valve Northstar engine. It’s in pristine condition and has only 48,000 miles. While driving back home to ...

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What the stars say about your car for 1/20/2021
A good week to remember that he or she who parks under telephone lines pays more at the car wash.
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