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Smoke coming from car exhaust

Pros and Cons of Diesel Engines Have Changed

I don't understand why so many people buy diesel-powered cars and trucks. They are loud and emit horrible pollution compared with gas-powered vehicles ...

Filling car with gas

Is High Octane Gas Needed?

I have a turbo six-cylinder car that calls for 93 octane gasoline. If I were to hock my stepson and kick my dog until she ran away, I could finally af ...

Rusty old Vw

Ray Puts Rust Fears to Rest

How do I prevent the salt from settling in and doing its oxidizing worst to my pick-up beauty? And, is going to those fancy carwashes I see here suffi ...

Drive thru sign

Stalled in the Drive-thru

Hi. I have a 1989 Lincoln Town Car that sometimes cuts out when I give it very little gas -- like when I’m inching my way along a drive-thru line. Any ...

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What the stars say about your car for 8/4/2020
A mysterious noise will cause your mind to wander. Go with it andit will lead you to new, exciting destinations. After a small repair bill.
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