Show Rundown

#0937: Hey Guys, Watch This!

Original Air Date: 09.12.2009
Show Open Topic

This year's worst opening lines of all time: The 2009 Bulwer-Lytton Contest.

Call 1

Champagne Girten (Miami, Florida) - 2003 Toyota Corolla

Following an oil change, she noticed that the car makes rumbling noise when in reverse. The noise is worse when the a/c is on. Could it be a loose heat shield?

Call 2

Molly Gibson (Owensboro, Kentucky) - 1997 Dodge Neon

Inherited car from her son, after he totaled her Camry. There's a huge crack in the windshield. Her son says if she glues a coin to the windshield it would stop the crack from growing.

Call 3

Mac Cashen (Bath, New Hampshire) - 2007 Dodge Dakota

He's used to driving a manual transmission, but this is an automatic. In this car he feels like the car has the tendency to speed, so he has to brake more than usual. Could he just put the car into the gear below drive to keep the car going at a reasonable speed? Will this damage the car?

Call 4

Dan Haigh (, California) - 2000 Honda CR-V

While sightseeing with friends in San Francisco, drove up Lombard St. (Hey guys. watch this). Got smoke, loud whine, and burning smell. Smell still there, tried to convince his wife it was just lingering, like 'burned meatloaf', but she says the clutch is gone, and needs to be replaced. Is she right?

Call 5

Nicole Ryan (Maui, Hawaii) - 1995 Volkswagen Cabriolet

The car runs fine , except when it is raining heavily. All of a sudden, car starts to stutter, then it will be fine. It feels like something is slipping.

Call 6

Robyn and Brad Myers (American Canyon, California) - 2001 BMW 330

Stump the Chumps: Husband's car, leaking oil for months--he's a Park Ranger, she called guys to get them to convince him to fix it. Was Tom and Ray's diagnosis correct?

Call 7

Gavin (, Maryland) - 1994 Ford Ranger

Trouble starting after it rains or gets wet, turns key, lights and radio come on, gets a loud click, everything dies. Discovered he could get it to work by hitting the battery with hammer or fist.

Call 8

Megan Seeley (Portland, Oregon) - 2003 Honda CR-V

When AC is on and turns left, gets a weird 'fizzy' sound. Thought it was water bottle spilling over. Only happens when AC is on.

Call 9

Noah Weiss (Seattle, Washington) - 2005 Ford Escape

His boyfriend drives with both feet, which is freaking out Noah. He doesn't feel safe, wants to get him to stop. Can he convince boyfriend it's bad for the car?