Show Rundown

#1123: A Cavalcade of Cheapskates

Original Air Date: 06.04.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share haikus for Jews, and some remarkable job application faux pas.

Call 1

Andrew Hertel (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)

A clutch question. Does he need to replace it, and if so, can he do it himself? When engine is hot, he feels like clutch doesn't catch--he takes his foot off, engine revs, but car doesn't accelerate. So, yes, he does need to replace it. He's a Nuclear Engineer, which argues against him doing it, but he has access to tools and help, so he can give it a shot.

Call 2

Susan Rasek (Bettendorf, Iowa)

A cosmetic question. The headliner is detaching from roof, and falling. Husband is cheapskate (as cheap as Andy), won't pay to fix. how can they do it themselves? Tom and Ray suggest making incisions in headliners, and squirting some spray adhesive through the holes--should be enough to get headliner back in place.

Call 3

Lydia Hoffman (Washington, District Of Columbia)

A car-buying question. Lydia is finishing her dissertation, wants to drive across country in a 'Thelma & Louise' type car, without the killing. Also would like it to be something she can work on herself. Guys recommend an early 70's Chevy Caprice convertible. Check Hemmings to find one.

Call 4

Christina Sterling (, North Carolina)

A question about a car door. Just moved from California. When driving on winding roads, passenger door unlocks, indoor dome light comes on--doesn't happen all the time. Tom and Ray think there's a bad latch, so door isn't really closing all the way, so it's like they're opening the door while driving. A simple latch adjustment might fix it.

Call 5

Matt Dolph (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

An interior question. The car has leather seats. On a really hot day, some drops from his son's Sprite spilled on the hot leather, and seat seemed to burn--turned brown, puckered, got crusty. What caused this? Tom and Ray think maybe carmelized sugar caused reaction, ultimately suggest Matt find a Chemist, and say they'll ask Jim Davis about it.

Call 6

Carl Goodman (Marblehead, Massachusetts)

A fuel question. He got the truck for his daughter. She drove to Colorado, and said fuel gauge rose as she drove, and when she filed the tank, it dropped to empty. Had float/sending unit replaced before the trip. tom and Ray say it could be a chafed wire between the sending unit and gauge, causing a bad signal to be sent. Or, it could be a bad gauge--depends on whether gauge really dropped to Empty when she filled it.

Call 7

Eva (, Texas)

The car makes a whistling sound, only when AC is on. It seems to come from under the dash, but the dealer couldn't hear it. Likely something in the heater control, could be a blend door. Go back to dealer, make them stick their head under the dash until they hear it.

Call 8

Bob Bell (, Virginia)

An electrical question. When he turns on the lights, the engine stalls. If he steps on the brake, the turn signals don't work. This started happening after he had the car re-painted. Problem is current--not enough juice getting to alternator to run everything. Guy who painted may have disturbed all the rust, so electrons are blocked. Try ground straps to create a direct connection, see if problem goes away.