Show Rundown

#1124: The Chicken Mahal

Original Air Date: 06.11.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share some Shakespearean car reviews-- and ask for yours.

Call 1

Leland Jones (Atlanta, Georgia)

A driving and buying question. Used to own a Miata and loved it,, but Tom and Ray gave him a hard time for driving a 'Chick car'. Then Leland heard that Ray got Tom a Miata, so he wants to know when a chick car stops being a chick car. Answer: When you don't care whether it's a chick car. So, Leland is free to get another Miata, if he wishes,

Call 2

Anne Nemer (Los Angeles, California)

A gas question. On occasion, when she fills up her car, the pump clicks off and when she pulls it out of her car, a geyser of gasoline will just explode up into her face and all over her. The dealership can't figure out the problem. Tom and Reay think it's likely the bladder in the gas tank not expanding properly, and are convinced she's not the only Prius owner experiencing this. Go back to the dealer, and keep watch for a TSB on it.

Call 3

Jose (New Haven, Connecticut)

A driving and water question. A friend told him that when driving through a deep puddle, it's best to floor it, to push the water out of the way. Jose tried this, and then his car wouldn't start. Was his friend's advice wrong? Yes, his friend was wrong--but if it's really deep water, it doesn't matter that much. Jose hydrolocked the engine, by sucking water into the intake. He likely did all kinds of damage. If he bent the crankshaft, it's all over.

Call 4

Kate Curtis (Seattle, Washington)

A question about brakes. When Kate pushes down on the brake pedal, she hears a hissing sound- like air coming out of a balloon. She called the dealership and they told her not to worry about it. But she wants to hear the guys' opinion. It's a power brake booster-- the diaphragm is leaking. It needs to be replaced. Do it right away. It's unsafe, and it will get worse.

Call 5

Jackson Evans (Braintree, Vermont)

A question about chickens! Jackson needs to move a large chicken coop (8 x 8x 8) about 60 miles. He wants to jack it up, put it on a snowmobile trailer, and tow it with his pickup. He's losing sleep worrying over whether it will work. Will it? Tom and Ray say this is a very bad idea, and has a 90% chance of failing. Wind resistance, etc, will wreak havoc, especially since Jackson's never done this before. He'd be better off hiring professionals to put the coop on a flatbed. But, they realize he's probably gonna do it anyway.

Call 6

Cindy (Brooklyn, New York)

A starting question. If Cindy drives the car for an hour or so and then shuts it off, it won't start again unless you wait about an hour for it to cool off. Her mechanic couldn't replicate the problem. Tom and Ray say it's either fuel or spark--Ray thinks it's more likely spark. Could be crankshaft sensor. She should drive it for an hour and park in front of her mechanic's shop and block his driveway so he has to look at it right away while it's experiencing the problem.

Call 7

Mary Anne McCubbin (Salsbury, North Carolina)

A question about AC. When her AC is on, passenger vents blow cold air, but driver's side blows ambient temperature--no cooling. Car has independent temperature controls for driver and passenger, so the driver's control isn't working. Could be expensive to fix, but she should do it now before it gets really hot.

Call 8

Chantal (Monterey, California)

Auto confession. 10 years ago, she was using her Dad's car, and the muffler broke. She was a poor student, so she waited to fix it, and ultimately had it welded together. Then she drove the car 70 MPH and forgot to shift out of 2nd because the car was so quiet. Next day, car wouldn't start, mechanic said all the cylinders were blown out, Dad junked it. She never told him about driving 70 in 2nd Gear, and feels guilty--did that destroy the engine, and can Tom and Ray help her confess? Ray says she didn't drive in 70 long enough to kill the engine. The guys call Dad, and it occurs to Ray that driving with the busted muffler is what cooked the engine. So, Chantal apologizes, and Dad forgives her--but says she's not allowed to drive his Porsche)