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#1127: Your Car's a Medicare Sled

Original Air Date: 07.02.2011
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Updating the driver's test

Call 1

Sara Patterson (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Mirrors. Sara has whacked off three side-view mirrors on her Camry, and is convinced they're a few centimeters wider than other cars. She's also noticed side-mirrors on other Toyotas affixed with duct-tape, etc... her husband thinks she's nuts. Are side mirrors on Toyotas bigger than other cars?

Call 2

Alex Eby (Bozeman, Montana)

He has squeaky brakes. He heard that if he were to drive really fast in reverse and then slam on the brakes, it would mitigate the squeaking. Will this work? No, probably not, but it's easy to fix the squeak--it's likely metal on metal between pads and calipers, and there are solvents that might help.

Call 3

Jackson Evans (Braintree, Vermont)

Stump the Chumps: Jackson wanted to move a large chicken coop across the state, by towing it on a snowmobile trailer. Tom and Ray told him this was a bad idea for a number of reasons, and suggested he instead pay someone a couple hundred bucks to flatbed it. Jackson tried the snowmobile trailer!

Call 4

Amanda Nehring (Chicago, Illinois)

Marital/ AC. Amanda's husband is a cheapskate, thinks it's more efficient to use AC to help slow the car down, and turn off AC when accelerating. He will only run the AC when slowing the car, which is making Amanda miserable. Is he really saving gas by doing this? No, he's not--this may have been true 40 years ago, but not now.

Call 5

Brett Ragsdale (Memphis, Tennessee)

Marital/fuel. Brett never fills the car up completely with gas because he only drives short distances. His wife and her dad think that it is bad for the car to not always fill it up completely. Are they right? No, while it is better for fuel pump to be immersed in cool gas, it doesn't make much of a difference.

Call 6

Allison Graves (, Oregon)

Noise. When she drives over a bump or pothole she hears a sound from under the car that's like chains hitting each other. Got the car used, mechanic replaced control arms, bushings, tie rod ends, but didn't hear the noise. Tom and Ray tell her to go back, and make the mechanic ride with her on a road.

Call 7

Danielle Acosta (Shaker Heights, Ohio)

Wipers. Danielle's windshield wipers won't park in the down position unless it's pouring rain, or water is being poured by some other method. Otherwise, they get stuck in the middle. Her husband has been washing the car regularly, just to get the wipers down. Problem is likely the wiper motor controller.

Call 8

Mac Kemp (Tallahassee, Florida)

Marital/psychology. Wife took co-workers to lunch in her Sable, and was horrified that one of them called it the "Medicare Sled." Now, she refuses to drive it, and has taken Mac's truck. Any way he can convince her to start driving the Sable again, so he can get his truck back? Tom and Ray say it's not likely.

Call 9

Madeleine Clatterbuck (Ashland, Virginia)

Sometimes when she pushes on the brake, her radio goes off, her speedometer goes haywire, her lights go out and her headlights dim. They all come back on soon afterward. Why is this happening? It's probably just a loose ground wire.