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#1128: Double-Dog Daylight Savings

Original Air Date: 07.09.2011
Show Open Topic

Ray's proposal: Double Dog Daylight Savings Time

Call 1

David Dahlberg (Richmond, California) - 2000 Dodge Durango

Car sounds like a squeaking bed--happens when he's moving, or gets in and out of the car. Sometimes goes away after rain ortrip the carwash. David tried spraying silicone in several areas, didn't help. Tom and Ray think David was on the right track, but sprayed the weong area--he's heating one or more bushing, it needs lubing. Find out which one, and then use Wurth HHS-2000 on it.

Call 2

Sarah Afflerbach (, North Carolina) - 2004 Nissan Xterra

Sarah left her car in the driveway on a hot day, and her rear window exploded. Nissan replaced it for free--said her car is 'Tight', so she needs to leave a window cracked to prevent this from happening. True? No, not really., This can happen in all cars when it gets hot, because glass expands. But, the glass usually neds a flaw in it to crack.

Call 3

John Mazurek (, New York) - 1996 Ford Aerostar

He bought the car at an auction, and rrove it back to New York. Now, his gauges are jumping around--oil pressure gauge jumps up and down when he comes to a complete stop. Classic case of a loose ground wire--should be easy to fix.

Call 4

Natalie Skadra (, North Carolina) - 2000 Honda Civic

While at work, Natalie's husband insists on eating lunch in his car, running the AC, and listening to sports talk radio. This drives Natalie crazy--she thinks it's bad for the car, the environment, and she doesn't like him listening to sports radio. Tom and Ray agree that it's not good for the environment, but it's not hurting the car. It's not a big deal, and she should just let him do it--have pity on him he's a Cubs fan.

Call 5

Ben Johannsen (Muscatine, Iowa) - 1992 Honda Accord

It's ahrd to hard shift out of park. Once out of park, it shifts smoothly. Problemis likely shift linkage, car may not be going all the way into Park. Could be dangerous, get it checked out!

Call 6

Constance Peebles (, Kansas) - 1993 Lexus SC 400

When Constance comes to a hard stop, she hears a 'clunk' followed by a 'thud.' She's not sure if it also happens on a hard acceleration. Guys think it's in the transmission--the noise is the last downshift into 1st--it's a harsh shift. Could be a sticky valve, which might be helped by a transmission fluid flush. Get mechanic to drive it to onfirm diagnosis.

Call 7

Chris Genino (, North Carolina) - 1993 Toyota Pickup

Chris was driving the camp truck, when it got 'fished'--other guys left dead fish in it. Now, Chris wants to know how to get the smell out, and how to get revenge on the guys who pranked in. Tom and Ray suggest Nature's Miracle or isopropyl alcohol for the smell. For revenge, he can get fish parts, and spread them around the other guys' cars, so they don't know quite where the smell is coming fro,.