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#1129: The Non-Alcoholic Windshield

Original Air Date: 07.16.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share the difference between male and female movie reviewers.

Call 1

Gregory Cameron (San Francisco, California)

Gregory's car starts fine, but if he's parked uphill it will stall. On level surface, it sputters and almost stalls. Lives in SF, so it's a real problem. When car warms up, it can still stall, but less likely. Tom and Ray think he needs a tune-up, could have a bad spark plug wire, or cracked spark plug.

Call 2

Cynthia Neu-Mclusky (, Virginia) - 1989 Acura Legend

A question about driving and wagers. Cynthia needs Tom and Ray to settle a bet with her boss. She's convinced that her gas mileage improves when she gets an oil change--she goes from needing gas every four days to once a week. Her boss says she's crazy--the two things are completely unrelated. Who wins? Her boss--the two are unrelated. It's possible that when she gets an oil change, they're also inflating her tires, which would help her gas mileage--but the simple changing of oil wouldn't do it.

Call 3

Scott Burton (, Alaska) - Toyota Tacoma

Wiper fluid/environment question. Scott is looking for an eco-friendly windshield wiper fluid--concerned that fluid with alcohol will run into streams and kill salmon, etc. Alcohol mostly used to keep fluid from freezing, so Tom and Ray suggest Scott fashion a container he can remove from the car overnight during Winter. But, they realize this is overly complicated, so they say they'll post his question on the site.

Call 4

Laurie (, Hawaii) - 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

A suspension question. Suspension. Laurie calls her call 'Wobblebutt', because it feels like the rear is driving over the wake of a boat--it rocks, and rolls, feels like fishtailing. Tom and Ray thought it was a bent axle or seized universal joint. Wound up being worn out trailing arm bushings.

Call 5

Andy Green (San Francisco, California) - 1995 Toyota Corolla

An engine question. Andy's Check Engine light is coming on. He can disconnect the battery so it it goes off for a while, but then it comes back on. He thinks Check Engine light is a scam, but is it something he needs to get checked? Yes, he needs to get it scanned--it's telling him something is wrong, and he's likely spewing pollution. Could just be a bad sensor.

Call 6

Cami Sawyer (, Texas) - Subaru

A question about car seats and safety. Cami loves her Subaru, but it only has lapbelts in the rear, and she's concerned this is not safe for her 6-year old. Can she get car retrro-fitted with shoulder belts, or does she need a new car? She needs a newer car--nobody will put shoulder belts in the old one because of liability concerns.

Call 7

Peterson (Gloucester, Massachusetts) - Saab 900

A suspension question. It feels like its jerking in back when he hits potholes, and on turns it feels like the rear lurches--needs to catch up with steering. Ray thinks it's a broken stsbilizer link, but it could be ball joints, tie rod ends--take it to a mechanic and have him put it up in the air.

Call 8

Linda Lipscomb (, California) - 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

A driving and marital question. Linda's husband uses the gas pedal like a 'wah-wah' pedal--accelerates up to 60, then coasts, accelerates again. He says this improves gas mileage, but it drives Linda crazy. Does it improve mileage? Tom and Ray think not--he may use less gas while coasting, but quick accelerating likely cancels that out. But they think physicists will write in and tell them they're wrong.