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#1130: Tickling the Electrons

Original Air Date: 07.23.2011
Show Open Topic

Gas conservation idea - brick in the gas tank.

Call 1

Jenny Donnellon (, North Carolina) - 1993 Honda Civic

Starting/relationshp... she's convinced that her car takes longer to start when her fuel tank is low...her fiance thinks this is crazy. Is she? No, she could be right, especially if the car has sat for several hours. Fuel line pressure can drop to zero, so pump has to work to get enough gas to start.

Call 2

Coby (Portland, Oregon) - 1966 Chevrolet Pickup

Frame. Coby put a large camper shell on the back--'has the only 4-ton half-ton pickup.' A year ago, he noticed that frame was cracked underneath, so he patched it--cracks haven't worsened since, but is he crazy to be driving this? Is it dangerous? Guys think he's okay, as long as he's checking the frame regularly. But, it could soon be time to get a new truck.

Call 3

Dennis Olson (, California) - 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

electrical/argument. Dennis ran down his battery. He got it jumped, but didn't want to drive to fully charge it, so a friend said to turn on all the accessories--it would 'wake the battery'. Is his friend nuts? Yes, his friend is nuts--running accessories does make more electricity, but that's all going to the accessories, not the battery. Dennis would be better off buying a battery charging pack.

Call 4

Linda Jeschke (Kotchabu, Alaska) - 1 Honda Accord

Dogs. Linda runs a team of sled dogs, and needs to train them in the Summer. She bought this ATV, and wants the dogs to tow it, but she's worried about wearing out the brakes by running it in neutral. Needs to keep speed down, and not make it too easy for the dogs. Guys suggest she put more ballast in the rear to slow it down. Also, she can run it in gear, to not have to ride the brake.

Call 5

Gene Passmore (Lubbock, Texas) - Mercedes-Benz 190

Noise. Gene hears a rhythmic, 'click-clock' noise every five seconds, seems to be coming from the rear. Recently, it's become more frequent. Guys think it's coming from the fuel tank--not much else back there. Could the feed pump that goes from the tank to the injector pump. A Mercedes expert should be able to figure it out quickly.

Call 6

Bob Norman (, Texas)

Stump the Chumps: Flies. Bob parks at rodeos, and gets flies in his truck. Was looking for a way to remove them. Ray suggested setting off a bug bomb, Tom said to put fly-paper on seats. Bob looked at bugpbombs, was scared off by skull and crossbones on package--instead took truck to a friend's ice facility and left it there for a few days, now it's bug free. Wrong answer!

Call 7

Louise Santeleri (, Pennsylvania) - 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Noise. Louise hears a loud clunk when she steps on the brake. Seems to be coming from right side, sometimes she can feel it. Thre mechanics looked at it, told her nothing was wrong. Guys say she erroneously assumed it was the brakes, and went to a brake guy. Could be part of suspension or steering. She needs to go to a general mechanic to get it fully checked out.