Show Rundown

#9339: Eggs Prestone

Original Air Date: 09.25.1993

Call 1

Steven Rondlet (Longmont, Colorado)

Brakes. During the winter his e-brake freezes up, allowing him only to back-up. How can he get around this?

Call 2

Janet Hill (Pennsburg, Pennsylvania)

Starting. It doesn't shut off after you remove the key from the ignition.

Call 3

Jasper (North Hollywood, California)

AMC Packer. Cracked manifold. He was told it's going to be over $800 to fix but he loves the car.

Call 4

Sasha Kippervarg (Quincy, Massachusetts)

Overheating. The car died. A friend had recommended a while back that they put eggs, salt, and pepper in the coolant system and it apparently helped for awhile. Or did it ?

Call 5

Jim Shaw (Boone County, Missouri)

Burns oil. But only when his 82-yr-old father drives it.

Call 6

Gretel (Stevens City, Virginia)

Exhaust. He can't seem to find the source of exhaust getting into the cab.

Call 7

David Scott (Mishewaka, Indiana)

Tires. Manufacturer says put 36psi in them. The tire says that it can take 44psi. He thinks they look a little flat. Whose recommendation should he go with?

Call 8

Cynthia Sayak (Sebastapol, California)

Selling. Brother #1 (Cosmo) gave Brother #2 (Damian) the '68 Camaro in '72 with the understanding that it not be sold. Damian has invested a small fortune in it over the years and now wants to sell it, but Cosmo is invoking his condition of the transfer of ownership.