Show Rundown

#9406: Say It: "Arup Gupta"

Original Air Date: 02.05.1994

Call 1

Louis Magliozzi (Boston, Massachusetts)

Tom and Ray call their Dad.

Call 2

Michael (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Power. The car is "totally gutless." The mechanic changed injectors and told him that it was fixed. Not! Now the mechanic wants to replace converter.

Call 3

Catherine Hicks (Danville, Kentucky)

Oil light and buzzer occurs at 3500 rpms. She pulls the fuse out. At one point in the car's past, a mechanic fixed the problem, but it reappeared after a different mechanic performed a subsequent oil change.

Call 4

Elizabeth Magliozzi (Boston, Massachusetts)

Tom and Ray talk to their mother and make fun of her cooking.

Call 5

Arup Gupta (Phoenix, Arizona)

A/C. Water is leaking out when he makes a left turn.

Call 6

Pat Rogers (Orangeville, Pennsylvania)

Lights. Reverse lights get fixed and then went out a week later.

Call 7

Steve Gordon (Phoenix City, Alabama)

Heat. It works for 5 seconds and then it changes to cold air. He has checked coolant and hoses, thinks the heater core is ok.

Call 8

Patti Mayer (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Ignition. The key can be removed while driving.

Call 9

Dr. Mort Kearns (St. Louis, Missouri)

Tires. Going flat in cold weather - repeatedly.

Call 10

Sara (Freeville, New York)

Smell. There's a hot/overheating smell. The car has an oil leak, but she's pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.