Show Rundown

#9422: Bad Samaritans

Original Air Date: 05.28.1994
Show Open Topic

Tom is passed up for a Supreme Court nomination again.

Call 1

Shar Rowland (Charlotte, North Carolina)

A/C. When she runs a/c with the sunroof open, the car stalls.

Call 2

Jay Bins (St. Croix, Vermont)

CV Joints. How long can they click before whatever's going to happen, happens?

Call 3

Scott Routsong (Valdosta, Georgia)

Fire. He saw that someone had left the door on their PU open while parked in a lot during a rainstorm. He thought he'd be a nice guy and shut the door. 1/2 hr. later the thing caught on fire. Does he owe this guy a new PU?

Call 4

Gillian Rice (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Translation. Trying to translate truck part-names from French and needs help with some inadequate definitions.

Call 5

Morgan Kimbrel (Cupertino, California)

Engine. The bus is backfiring. She did lots of electrical work and replaced vacuum hoses herself. Thinks it might be the hamster..

Call 6

Sarah Breeze (Black Duck, Minnesota)

Noise. There's a noise in the tire that only she can hear.