Show Rundown

#9445: Melissa the Twerp

Original Air Date: 11.05.1994
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray read Melissa's original letter.

Call 1

Art Tishner (Moscow, Idaho)

Dipstick. It fell off and now it's in the tube. What should he do?

Call 2

Rabbi Steven Pinski (Glenn Cove, Missouri)

Driving. He's trying to convince wife (for past twelve years) that she should really learn how to drive a manual shift.

Call 3

Steven Potter (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Complaint. He has bone to pick with guys. He's offended at being called a "Big, Stupid Gorilla" for driving a Firebird, and he's even more offended that they insulted his car.

Call 4

Sandra Haughton (Germantown, Maryland)

Driving. A neighbor gets up at 6AM every morning to warm up her engine. Five minutes of flooring her accelerator ensues, waking many of the condo complex's occupants.

Call 5

Shawn Duffy (Carney, Nebraska)

Transmission. When he goes around a corner, the engine races but it's ok going straight.

Call 6

Emily (Westfield, Indiana)

Buying. Her daughter has $1500 to invest in a car to continue her "dead-head" travels out to WA.