Show Rundown

#9448: Bachelor Barry

Original Air Date: 11.26.1994
Show Open Topic

Car Talk child punishment tapes.

Call 1

Lynn Keller (Harlingen, Texas)

Buying. Her Dodge Dakota is passing on and she has eyes on her hubby's Dodge Ram. What should he get that would make him forget the Ram?

Call 2

Barry (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Wipers. The wipers don't work. The car is owned by an attractive lady he works with.. He's already told her that it's probably a fuse. How about some backup suggestions?

Call 3

Hillary Kadzer (Hollywood, Florida)

Starting. She used to be able to bypass an apparently bad solenoid contact by touching the + terminal directly to the solenoid with a coat hanger. Now that doesn't work.

Call 4

Mark Cather (Enterprise, Alabama)

Carburetor. Is it ok to put small amounts of rice into the carburetor to clean it? The mechanic told him about this but wasn't sure whether his leg was getting yanked.

Call 5

Anne (Boulder, Colorado)

Familial. Her mom gave her an '88 Mercury Sable as a gift. She traded it for the Corolla. Wants to break it to mom via the show amidst heaps of T&R praise for doing this of course.

Call 6

Richard Ready (Lexington, Kentucky)

Fuel system. The car bucks. The mechanic put the car on a steady diet of injector cleaner but it hasn't helped. Does this stuff work?