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#9504: Mr. Tappet Goes to DC

Original Air Date: 01.28.1995
Show Open Topic

A child named Tommy Rae.

Call 1

Mike Richelson (Monroe, Illinois)

Buying. He's looking into getting a used postal vehicle. What should be expect given the stop and go driving it's been used for in the past?

Call 2

Maria (Tallahassee, Florida)

Noise. Hearing a thumping/vibrating noise when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear.

Call 3

Senator Tom Harkin (Des Moines, Iowa)

Transmission. He parked the car in first gear in his driveway. The car rolled and crashed. What happened?

Call 4

Bill Wynn (Dallas, Texas)

Steering. When turning right, the steering locks up. The dealer replaced the strut assembly. A know-it-all in his wife's office says the whole rack assembly should have been replaced. Who is right?

Call 5

Jennifer Galhourn (Northampton, Massachusetts)

Buying. She's in a rock band and needs to buy a used van for a summer tour. Suggestions?

Call 6

Laura Tanner (Langley, Virginia)

Accelerator. She had a stalling problem and the mechanic replaced a throttle switch. Now it jerks. The dealer said that's normal.

Call 7

Norm (Jackson, Wyoming)

Engine. When idling cold and taken out of gear, it idles at 6,000rpm.