Show Rundown

#9511: Neiman-Marcus-Lexus

Original Air Date: 03.18.1995

Call 1

Merrill Harris (Los Angeles, California)

Engine. A year ago she blew a piston. Now the car is making the same noise it did before the "episode."

Call 2

Susan Modissett (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Heat. She and her brother are having a debate. he says the heat doesn't work because the car's engine is too efficient. She thinks that's bull.

Call 3

Trent Blankenship (, )

His van is breaking down and his wife is upset with him.

Call 4

Jim (Lockhaven, Pennsylvania)

Engine. The car has a cracked crankshaft. Should he fix it or replace the engine?

Call 5

Johanna Scholl (Durango, Colorado)

Replacing. She's moving into a tee pee this summer. The area is very muddy. Can the Subaru handle it?

Call 6

James Stahl (New York, New York)

Ethical. He's getting married soon. Can he register for a car rather than for gifts?