Show Rundown

#9514: "Yes Dear" or "How to Stay Married"

Original Air Date: 04.08.1995
Show Open Topic

Tax Preparation-H, and Yogi Berra-isms.

Call 1

Tom (Swainsborough, Georgia)

His bus is stalling on hot days. It has to sit for an hour before it'll restart.

Call 2

Amy Gamber (Tennafly, New Jersey)

Noise. There's an intermittent buzzing sound coming from the dash.

Call 3

Bill Woods (Bay Village, Ohio)

Replacing. Dispute with his wife. It's her car. Has 230K and she wants to dump it at 250K. He wants to keep it. They will do whatever Tom and Ray say.

Call 4

Debra Bule (Saranac Lake, New York)

Starting. It was left sitting for 2 months in the summer. Tires froze to the ground. But now car won't move.

Call 5

Marco (Seattle, Washington)

Driving. This is his wife's car. When he drives it with her, he puts into 4th at about 40mph and she whines that "lugging" like that is bad for the engine.

Call 6

Kathy (Bath, Pennsylvania)

Buying. She likes the Chevy Blazer but her husband likes the Explorer. Which one should they get?

Call 7

Fred Blackwall (Dothan, Alabama)

Driving. He read in a magazine that every 100 miles, he's supposed to put it in 2nd gear and take it to 6000rpm. Why?