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#9546: Horsepower of Both Kinds

Original Air Date: 11.18.1995
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William Weld wins the Turkey Award.

Call 1

Terri (Vienna, Virginia)

Powertrain. She's looking at the Toyota Camry and an AWD Subaru Legacy. Are there significant differences?

Call 2

Heather & Paul Shear (Portland, Oregon)

Converter. Her husband is sabotaging her and the car. He replaced the converter and now it runs terribly!

Call 3

Romeo Alonzo (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Engine. He and his buddy were "peeling out" a few months ago and now it has a constant click. The click went away, and now the car has considerably less power.

Call 4

Ginny Donaldson (Nashville, Tennessee)

Horses. They attacked and ate her car! Why? It's a leased car. Will she be penalized for the $2700 in damage?

Call 5

Dave Labattey (Sylum Springs, Arkansas)

ABS. There's a rumbling and bumping feeling when he hits the brakes. Is that normal?