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#9618: Pinkwater's Puking Pooches

Original Air Date: 05.04.1996
Show Open Topic

A letter about Vowel Drop response.

Call 1

Eric Strong (Stamford, Connecticut)

Noise. At 75mph he hears a whirring noise when he backs off the accelerator.

Call 2

Colleen (San Francisco, California)

Air filter. It's melting and her mechanic can't explain why.

Call 3

Mike McQuaid (Seattle, Washington)


Call 4

Ellen (New York, New York)

Boyfriend keeps buying all these amenities for the car but the car has never run worse!

Call 5

Daniel Pinkwater (, New York)

Dogs and driving.

Call 6

Jackie Stark (Oppalacca, Alabama)

Brakes. They squeak. She raises chihauhaus and they go crazy when the brakes start squeaking.