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#0202: Anyone Need a Life Coach?

Original Air Date: 01.12.2002
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Call 1

Victoria Doria (Eugene, Oregon)

buying... Needs to buy three used cars for her three college kids, wants them to have 100,000+ miles and still run for as long as possible

Call 2

Christine Redfield (, Massachusetts)

Electrical/ignition. The keys are stuck in the ignition and it's draining the battery. Tom and Ray think it's a bad ignition lock or switch.

Call 3

Amy Gibson (San Diego, California)

when cold car make ee-eee-ee noise in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. Tom and Ray think it could be noise coming from the steering column or bad ball joints.

Call 4

Steve (Austin, Texas)

He's a UPS driver and he wants to get rid of his truck. How does he convince the company? They keep fixing it!

Call 5

Dan Poux (, Michigan)

Throttle. The car is racing in neutral. He disconnected an after-market cruise control and cleaned the fuel injectors. Now it's going rhurhurhurhu in neutral and the gas mileage stinks! The guys think it's a bad thermostat or cooling temp sensor.

Call 6

Mark McIntyre (, Colorado)

brakes.... wear sensors went off. Needed rear brakes. Is something wrong with his braking system. Never happened before.

Call 7

Seniv Jagedev (, Minnesota)

Suspension/transmission. There's a grinding sound on the left when she starts. On the freeway, it makes a scratchy rattling noise. Tom and Ray think it could be a loose heat shield.

Call 8

Mark Torneo (Danville, Pennsylvania)

Driving style. He straightens out curves and it's making his wife crazy. He says it's efficient and saves gas.