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#0204: Private Maaaagliozzi!

Original Air Date: 01.26.2002
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Call 1

Sandra Ditusa (, Louisiana) - 1998 Honda Odyssey

fuel...put 5 gal of diesel into car, filled the rest w. 93, now car stalls, engine light is on, did she ruin the car? Tom and Ray say she's fine. The diesel fuel has worked it's way through the car already.

Call 2

Alan (Eugene, Oregon) - 1989 Volvo 240

Rear defroster is broken. The mechanic says the power is fine. The auto glass guys say there's no power. Tom and Ray think there's a problem in the wiring harness since it happens when the gate is closed.

Call 3

Natalie Edwards (, Washington) - 1998 Chevrolet Venture

body.... This is dad's car and she dented it while he was out of town. Is there a cheap way she can get it fixed? Tom and Ray say she should fess up to the damage. No way she can fix it without him finding out.

Call 4

Alison Merson (, New York) - 2000 Honda Accord

exhaust.....humming sound when moving. Always there. 50k on car. Not under warranty. Tom and Ray think she needs new tires.

Call 5

Todd Pacofsky (, Washington) - 1995 Volkswagen Golf

suspension... huge knuckle popping when he reverses and turns.

Call 6

Jessica Malone (, Arizona) - 1999 Chrysler Sebring

respect.... how does she command respect when speaking to mechanics? They address her boyfriend rather than her. And she knows more.

Call 7

Scott Bartlebaugh (, California) - 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

clutch.... squealing noise in first 3 or 4 miles. Throwout bearing... Werner his mechanic says just drive it til the whole clutch dies. Is that wise or will it cost him more to do that?

Call 8

Nancy Werner (St. Paul, Minnesota) - 1995 Mazda Miata MX-5

convertible top....Can't get top on her Miata up because it is frozen- needs to close it up for the winter. Afraid of mice getting in car. Electric blanket. Tom and Ray think she's got to park it in a heated garage for an hour and then she'll get the top on.