Show Rundown

#0211: Mach-O, Mach-O Man

Original Air Date: 03.16.2002
Show Open Topic

1972 vs. 2002.

Call 1

Leslie Perlman (Sebastapol, California)

Exhaust. When she starts the car it makes a farting noise. It varies with acceleration and goes away when the car is warm. Tom and Ray think she's got a crack in the exhaust manifold.

Call 2

James Roseli (Tacoma Park, Maryland)

suspension... Going to Haiti and needs a high clearance vehicle. Can he retrofit his Honda to make it rough road ready? Tom and Ray say it's not really possible or worth it to do the amount of work necessary. He should get a cheap pick up truck or his sister's Jeep.

Call 3

Susannah Murphy (Missoula, Montana)

Windshield washer... There's a leak in washer fluid line, can she fix it herself?

Call 4

Emily Natoli (Rochester, New York)

Trans/engine.....The car lurches when it first starts up in the cold. When the tank is low on gas, that might make it happen more often. Is it the transmission? Tom and Ray think it's a sticky throttle.

Call 5

Ashley Judd (Nashville, Tennessee)

Driving. Her husband is a racecar driver and he won't let her drive... ever! Help!

Call 6

Chris Webb (Burlington, Vermont)

electrical....tried to get a jump, guy said he wouldn't because his car has a computer chip and he shouldn't jump anyone. Was he full of it?

Call 7

Rod (Hood River, Oregon)

Electrical. It won't turn off with the key or even when he disconnects the battery. How is his possible? Tom and Ray tell him to pull out the relay under the hood to turn the car off.

Call 8

Mary Rawson Foreman (Santa Barbara, California)

Brakes. A potential boyfriend wants to fix her rotors for free. Should she let him? Tom and Ray say go for it!