Show Rundown

#0222: Larry, Curly, and Moe-Maxima

Original Air Date: 06.01.2002
Show Open Topic

Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Awards.

Call 1

Aron Kahn (St. Paul, Minnesota)

steering... first thing in morning, it makes a whoo sound when he turns the wheel. Tom and Ray tell him to check the power steering fluid. If that's fine, don't worry until the noise gets worse.

Call 2

Maggie McDonough (Saratoga, New York)

engine/transmission/fuel... shudders when they go up slight incline. It lasts until you crest the hill. Tom and Ray think it's probably missing a cylinder. She should check the spark plugs but also check the ball joints just to be safe.

Call 3

Chelsea Sammel (Oakland, California)

Carburetor. She swapped in a used one last week and now the truck isn't running. Tom and Ray say she got a bad carburetor. She needs to put in another rebuilt one.

Call 4

Gabe Meyer (Ithaca, New York)

Buying. Sister-in-law told him women aren't attracted to guys who drive Saturns. Are women that shallow? What car should he be driving? Tom and Ray tell him to buy a Mini Cooper!

Call 5

Greg Krupa (Detriot, Michigan)

Engine. Replaced the head gasket and now the mechanic wants to pour sealant in the gas tank. Should he do it or should be replace the seals?

Call 6

Mary Cronin (, Wisconsin)

Stump the Chumps - Shifter/transmission. Has to shift into reverse before it will go into reverse. Tom said to change the transmission fluid changed. Ray told her she needed a new transmission. Tom was right!

Call 7

Bill Strubbe (, California)

Flood. The rental car got flooded when he slept in the car on the beach. Now he feels guilty because he didn't tell the car rental company and he's worried he ruined the car. Tom and Ray say he needs to fess up!