Show Rundown

#0305: Lights, Camera, Action

Original Air Date: 02.01.2003
Show Open Topic

One smart dog.

Call 1

Sarah Sullivan (Dallas, Texas)

clutch/transmission. When she shifts from 1st to 2nd, there's a grinding noise even though her foot is all the way to the floor. Tom and Ray think she needs to take the transmission apart and get new syncros. In the meantime, she can double clutch.

Call 2

Bob Benedict (, Ohio)

body.... Daughter claims that the manual window rolls itself down when it rains and fills the car with water.

Call 3

Laura Savini (New York, New York)

Parking. How do you parallel park? Ray suggests she buy three matchbox cars and practice on the coffee table. Tom tries to explain how to parallel park.

Call 4

Monica Helfer (Richmond, Virginia)

transmission. After she drives the car for 15-20 minutes, there are problems when it upshifts. It sounds like there's a golf bag in the trunk, and the car starts to jerk. The mechanic changed the transmission filter and fluid. Tom and Ray think she should take it to the dealer because there could be a TSB on it. It could be a sticky valve, or a bad motor mount.

Call 5

Rebecca McDonnell (Kalispell, Montana)

Steering/suspension. When she turns she gets a slipping feeling. She had the power steering box replaced and it' 's still doing it. Tom and Ray think the problem is with the 4 wheel drive. She might have a stuck hub. Or it could be a problem with the axle.

Call 6

Ken Dobuler (Branford, Connecticut)

tires. He can't get his wheels off so he can put the snow tires on. The dealer wants to cut the wheels off the car!

Call 7

Geena Davis (, California)

wood burning car. Her father was in Algeria during WWII and saw wood burning engines on buses. How does it work?

Call 8

Laura Johnson (Olympia, Washington)

heating/cooling. Husband puts on the fan as soon as they get into the car and it blows cold on them. She says they should wait until the car warms up. Who is right?

Call 9

Alan Zeleenka (Eugene, Oregon)

Buying. He was able to buy the car via an overseas purchasing program. Volvo paid for 3 days in London, 2 days in Goteburg and shipped the car from there. And it was still cheaper than buying it here. How can that be?